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Scottish Gins List


Ancient Mariner

Arbikie AKs

Arbikie Kirstys

Avva (Elgin)


Barra Gin

Berry Good Blackcurrant gin liqueur

Berry Good Strawberry Gin Liqueur

Berry Good Raspberry Gin Liqueur

Blackwoods (Shetland?)

Blackwoods 60

Boe Peach & Hibiscus Liqueur

Boe Superior

Boe Violet


BQA Aged (The Buccleuch & Queensberry Arms Hotel)


Caorunn (Speyside)

Colonsay (Isle of Colonsay)


Crossbill 200

Crow Mans

Crow Mans Loveage


Darnley’s Original

Darnley’s Spiced Gin

Darnley’s Spiced Navy Strength

The Dundee Gin Co

Dundee Marmalade

Eden Mill Botano

Eden Mill Golf

Eden Mill Hop

Eden Mill Love

Eden Mill Oak

Eden Mill Original

Eden Mill Ginger & Chilli

Eden Mill Blueberry & Vanilla

Edinburgh Cannonball

Edinburgh Elderflower

Edinburgh Gin

Edinburgh Plum & Vanilla

Edinburgh Raspberry

Edinburgh Rhubarb & Ginger

Edinburgh Seaside

El;gin (Elgin)

El;gin Moray Berry



Firkin Islay

Gilt Single Malt

Strawberry Gin Bothy

Gin Bothy Original

Amaretto Gin Bothy

Gunshot Gin Bothy

Chilli Gin Bothy

Maple Gin Bothy

Raspberry Gin Bothy

Rhubarb Gin Bothy

Blueberry Gin Bothy

Mulled Gin Bothy


GlenWyvis (Dingwall)

Gordon Castle (Speyside)

Gordon Castle Raspberry

Gordon Castle Plum


Gordon’s Crisp Cucumber Gin

Gordon’s Elderflower

Hendricks Gin

Hills and Harbour


House of Elrick

Indian Summer

Inshriach (Aviemore)

Inshriach Navy Strength

Isle of Harris


Kelso Elephant


Kirkjuvagr - Arkh Angell

Kirkjuvagr (Kirkwall, Orkney)

Lassies Toast (Dunnet Bay, Caithness)


Loch Ness

Lone Wolf

Lussa (Ardlussa, Isle of Jura)


Makar Oak Aged

Makar Old Tom

McQueen Chocolate Mint Gin

McQueen Dry

McQueen Mocha

McQueen Smokey Chilli Gin

McQueen Sweet Citrus

McQueen Spiced Chocolate Orange

Minus 33

Misty Isle (Portree, Isle of Skye)


NB Navy Strength

Oban Gin

Oban Navy

Oban Elderflower

Oban Raspberry

Old Raj Blue

Old Raj Red

One Square

Orkney Johnmas

Orkney Mikklemas

Persie Herby & Aromatic

Persie Sweet & Nutty Old Tom

Persie Zesty Citrus


Pickering’s 1947

Pickering’s Navy Strength

Pickering’s Oak Aged - Island

Pickering's Oak Aged - Lowland

Pickering's Oak Aged - Speyside


Rock Rose

Rock Rose Navy Strength

Rose Rose Summer Edition

Sea Glass Gin

Shetland Reel

Shetland Reel Ocean Sent

Shetland Reel Simmer

Shetland Reel Holly Days

Shetland Reel Up Helly Aa

Solway Classic

Solway Dry

Solway citrus liqueur

Solway sloe gin

Solway raspberry liqueur

Stirling Gin

Strathearn Citrus

Strathearn Classic

Strathearn Heather Rose

Strathearn Homecoming

Strathearn Juniper

Strathearn Oaked

Tanqueray 10

Tanqueray Export Strength

Tanqueray Rangpur


The Royal Yacht Brittania


Wild Island Botanic (Isle of Colonsay)