Our Terms

In order to confirm your booking, you must read and agree to our terms and conditions below.

  • Your booking is only confirmed once a card detail has been stored. Your card is not charged at this stage. It will only be charged under the following circumstances...
  • Late cancellation or late partial cancellation (reduction in numbers) of your booking will incur a cancellation charge.
  • This charge is up to current menu price per person, based on the type of booking made.
  • Failure to arrive for your booking (a 'no-show') is treated the same way as a late cancellation and incurs the same charges.
  • A late cancellation is a cancellation within 2 hours of your seating time for groups of less than 8 guests, or within 7 days of your booking time for groups of 8 or more guests.
  • We store all card details using Stripe using a fully PCI compliant system.

I have read and agree to the booking terms and conditions.

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Store Your Card

What happens with my card details?

Your card details are stored securely and are encrypted to keep them safe. No amount is charged to your account at this stage. Storing your card details with us means that we can make a charge at a later date. For example, a deposit for a booking can be charged in the event of a 'no-show'.
If you have any further questions, please contact us on

lockAll card details are securely stored by Stripe.