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Where to find us:

We are located at 71 Renfield Street, Glasgow. Just opposite the old Odeon Cinema.


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The Story So Far:

What happened to Cup Tea Lounge!?

Don’t worry. Cup isn’t going anywhere. Cup will still open as usual from 9am - 6pm every day (from 11am on Sunday) At 6pm Cup becomes Gin71. Customers are more than welcome to hang around while we set up the bar, as long as you don't mind us moving things about around you while we take down Cup's menus and decorations etc, to replace them with Gin71's interior. 

The lights go down and the music goes up. Things take on a more fast paced and upbeat atmosphere for the evening. 

Why launch Gin71?

Cup Tea Lounge opened in the City Centre in 2012 and we couldn’t be happier with the success it has enjoyed. We felt that Cup, Afternoon Tea, Cupcakes and Tea were best suited to morning/afternoon and customer response has reflected that. We’ve learned a lot from running our cocktail bar at the Tea Lounge, and have spent a long time developing a unique offering based around this which we felt deserved it’s own unique brand to set it apart from Cup.

How is Gin71 similar?

Since Gin71 will be operated by the same team as Cup, some things will remain the same. Customer service will always be a top priority for both brands. Additionally, the enthusiasm and expertise in our offering will continue. Just as Cup have set the bar for hand blended teas with their vast range of blends and in depth knowledge of tea, Gin71 will offer the best range of artisan Gins in the City (71 Gins, to be exact!) as well as our own home brewed tonics, unique cocktails and more!